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Commissioned Art

“I love this painting, but could you do one larger?”


“This piece is great, but I need a horizontal format instead of a vertical…can you do that?”


“If this painting had a touch more red in it, it would be perfect over my sofa…is that possible?”


These are the types of questions happily answered by requesting a custom piece of artwork.  Just press the Contact tab below, complete the form and email it to me.  And please don’t worry too much on cost…I’ve done commissioned art for clients--in sizes small and large--with prices ranging from $75 to $750.

“Since we recently redesigned our family room, dining room and kitchen, I had some unique needs for the colors and sizes of the artwork.  Lana and I talked and, voila, her art fit perfectly with the rest of the renovation.”

Judy Keeton
Oklahoma City

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