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Ability & Inspiration

The ability and inspiration to paint clearly is a gift from God. Perhaps for me, that gift has been provided both by genetics and by environment.

There appears to be some artistic DNA that has been handed down by generations of women in my family. We don't know who first took the brush to canvas in our family, but the first showcased art was my grandmother's landscapes and still life paintings. My mom followed by painting a wide variety of subjects, each with an intimate touch that was her signature. These ladies provided an example for my sister, cousin, and me to begin painting at an early age. They also invested in professional training for us while we were young.

Regarding the environmental impact on my painting, it starts with a positive creative spirit that inhabits my home. God surrounds us with beauty and color that creates the opportunity for me to interpret the glory of His work in a picture to share with others.

Its a great joy for me to paint, especially after a 25-year hiatus while focusing on raising a family. Three years ago we found my mom's original art brushes and that awakened my spirit to paint again. Now, music usually is blaring in my home studio while paint is flying while ideas form on the canvas.

I hope you enjoy the result of the inheritance and environment with which I have been blessed.


Furry Assistants

The inspiration and support in my studio often comes from our two Golden Retriever rescue dogs — Bruce and Russell.  They each have beds in the studio and are careful to signal to me that I need a break…to get them a dog treat downstairs.

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Recent Collaborations


BancFirst Tower
February 10 - May 10, 2023

Holiday Art Show

November 2022

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